План -конспект уроку англійської мови у 5 класі на тему" All about us" Бикової Інни Олексіївни (КЗ"НСЗШ № 20")


Lesson plan

Theme : All About Us

Form: 5 A

Teacher: Inna Oleksiivna Bykova, School 20 , Nikopol



-practising vocabulary( personal information,family and friends,pets,clothes,likes and dislikes,favourites);

-practising asking and answering questions on the topic;

-practising listening ,writing and speaking skills;

-practising grammar (auxiliaries, question words, prepositions);

-developing socio-cultural competence.



  “Full Blast 1”(MMPublication),sticky paper,  crossword, sheets of paper, posters”All About Me” (students` projects), video”This is Britain.School”, handouts1-3.


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